Material Sales

Reintjes Services, Inc. carries a complete line of heat and corrosion resistant products that can be supplied to you directly. Whether you need one brick or a pallet, we can supply them to you. If you need something that is not listed below please call one of our offices and we will order and ship it directly to you.
Refractory Brick & Shapes
* Magnesite
* Tabular Aluminum
* High Alumina
* Super Duty
* Fireclay

Acid Resistant Linings
* Brick
* Tile
* Membranes
* Mortar
* Coatings
* Carbon Fiber

Preformed/ Pre-Fired Shapes

Anchor Supply
* Brick (all types)
* Stainless Steel (all types)

* Ceramic Fiber Rope
* Silica Braid Ropes and Tapes
* Castables
* Gun Mixes
         o Super Duty, Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Low Cements,
             Insulating Gun Mixes
* Self Flow, Pumpable, Shotcrete, Plastics
         o Super Duty, High Alumina, Chrome Alumina, Silicon Carbide
* Mortars
         o Super Duty, Alumina, Silicon Carbide
         o Air Set, Heat Set, and Phos Bonded
* Insulating Castables
* Insulating Wool/Block
* Insulating Firebrick

Affiliated Suppliers
* Harbison Walker
* Allied
* Reno
* Wahl
* Refractoy Anchors Inc.
* Mt. Savage