Fiber Lined Doors

Reintjes Services, Inc. serves the aluminum industry by producing Ceramic Fiber inserts for furnace doors. The inserts are custom built to suit each customer’s furnace door frame. Our Fiber Lined Doors can be installed in either an open back or a closed back frame with our custom made hardware.

The doors are produced using 1”, 2600 degree F, 8# density Zirconia Ceramic fiber to prevent shrinkage. Heavy duty expanded metal backing and stainless steel module hardware is also used in the production process. During the Fiber Lined Doors manufacturing process, we compress the ceramic fiber to a density that allows us to attain the desired life expectancy for the door application.
We offer two installation methods:
  • Mount the Fiber Lined Door in the customer frame that is shipped to our Winter Haven, Florida facility. If this installation method is chosen, we can also perform all necessary metal repairs to the door frame.
  • Ship the Fiber Lined Door in a wood shipping frame to the customer for their maintenance personnel to mount at their site.
Below is a PowerPoint presentation showing the construction of our Fiber Lined Doors.
Fiber Lined Doors Powerpoint Presentation